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Syprobio project: Tested innovations already being disseminated in West Africa

The Syprobio (Systèmes de Production Biologiques, www.syprobio.net) project, coordinated by FiBL, is less than one year away from its completion. After almost five years of participatory research including farmers, researchers and extension agents in a regional network involving actors in Mali, Burkina Faso and Benin, the project has tested different farmer-driven innovations on field.

Selected innovations are already being disseminated through farmers’ associations and extension services in those countries, and are now able to be disseminated beyond the geographic scope of the project. Syprobio has also been testing innovative dissemination methods including sharing videos with farmers using third generation mobile phones, with encouraging results.

Some selected innovations and farmers’ testimonies of its outcomes are displayed in three videos.

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Gian Nicolay