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Sustainable Food Communities of Practice: Conference report

On 16 October, Hanna Stolz and Heidrun Moschitz from the Socio-Economics Department of FiBL organised the conference “Sustainable Food Communities of Practice – Meet and Eat”, at which the findings of the three-year project FOODLINKS that ran from 2011-2013 were presented.

In a market place, group and plenary discussions, the 75 participants discussed lively about the cooperation and knowledge-sharing between science, society and policy to promote sustainable food consumption and production and actively integrated the participants’ experience and knowledge in the field.

 These discussions can be continued on www.foodnet.ning.com.

With the help of Marie-Chiara Tort from the European Union Group of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM EU Group), a conference video was produced that can be watched at www.foodlinkscommunity.net.

Foodlinks is a collaborative project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission with the purpose of evaluating knowledge brokerage activities to promote sustainable food consumption and production: linking scientists, policymakers and civil society organizations.

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