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Seminar in Ukraine: Quality of organic grain crops

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In the frame of the Swiss-Ukrainian Cooperation project, funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO and implemented by FiBL, a one-day seminar on Organic Crop Quality will be held in L’viv, Ukraine, on October 9, 2009.

International buyers and Ukrainian processors have shown interest to buy organic grain crops from Ukrainian producers. The objectives of the seminar are among others to bring together producers from Ukraine dealing with organic grain  production (already certified according to EU Regulation or the private standard of the Ukrainian Biolan association) and show to them how to improve the quality of organic cereals and to compare and analyse domestic and export market requirements.

The seminar consists of 3 parts:

  • Quality requirements,
  • Reality of Ukrainian farming and challenges,
  • Practical solutions. 

Target groups are organic farmers dealing with grain crops growing and other organic stakeholders (organic farmers associations, processing, enterprises/unions, etc. 

Project Background: Organic Certification and Organic Market Development in Ukraine

The main objectives of the project Organic Certification and Organic Market Development in Ukraineare to strengthen the Ukrainian organic sector, to facilitate the market integration by reducing trade barriers like access to organic certification; to develop organic value chains through market services and specific support for organic market initiatives and to improve the framework conditions for organic products. The project is implemented by FiBL financially supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

Operational objectives

  1. To set up certification services: A Ukrainian locally owned certification agency Organic Standard Ltd. was established in January 2007 and started inspections in Ukraine as a professional, independent and reliable certification agency, offering cost-efficient and credible inspection and certification of organic products to farmers, processors and traders of all sizes. Organic Standard Ltd. receives technical support from FiBL, the Institute for Market Ecology IMO and Balkanbiozert.
  2. Market development: New market services for domestic and export markets are offered through local service providers. Specific support is given to organic market initiatives (OMI) to improve market access and to benefit from a premium price.
  3. Legal framework: The project supports the elaboration and implementation of a legal framework and policy for the organic sector in Ukraine. It facilitates the exchange of experiences in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe

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