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Rough Guide to Sustainable Food Systems

logo of the "Foodlinks" project

Sustainable food systems were the main topic of the EU-project "Foodlinks", which was finished recently. It maintains that urban regions play an important role, which has been underrated so far. In cooperation with 13 European research and policy partners, FiBL analysed the ways, local distribution channels and new networks between producers and consumers could be supported. Among other things, the project team developed a guide, which shows ways to sustainable urban food strategies for local governments. For example they recommend the following as actions of option:

  • Designate land for (peri) urban agriculture in current, as well as future, development plans.
  • Allocate time for key civil servants to engage in the development of urban food strategies.
  • Ensure re-orientation of the public procurement of food towards sustainable food, choosing more healthy, more organic, more vegetarian, more local and more culturally-appropriate food.

A summary of the guide overviews all options of action the project team worked out.

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Heidrun Moschitz