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Revised fact sheet on the importance of wild bees

Cover Fact sheet Wild bees and pollination

The fact sheet summarizes the current state of academic knowledge on the importance of wild bees in the pollination of wild and cultivated plants.

Wild bees and other insects have a crucial role to play in the pollination of both wild plants and crop plants. Over the past few decades, there has been a strong decline, which had an impact on the farming sector. Lack of food and nesting resources, the fragmentation of sites rich in floral resources and habitat features as well as the use of systemic insecticides have led to a decline in pollination of agricultural crops like rape and fruit trees. The consequences have been increasing yield and economic losses.

Scientific analysis of supporting measures on farm holdings

In order to maintain the wild bee populations in agricultural areas, special promotion and protection measures are necessary. Over the next two years, FiBL Switzerland, the company "Natur Umwelt Wissen" in Zurich, the Technical University of Munich and the University of Basel will examine in the framework of the project "Promotion of wild bees on farm holdings" how to support wild bees on farms in a sustainable way. One of the aims of the project is the development of supporting frameworks on a farm level and a list of measures for agricultural practice.

Updated fact sheet

Two project partners have updated the fact sheet "Wild bees and pollination" with current scientific knowledge. The fact sheet documents the crucial role that wild bees play in the pollination of wild plants and crop plants. Moreover, it shows known causes for their decline and lists potential support and protection measures.

The publication (8 pages) is available free of charge at shop.fibl.org or can be ordered as a hard copy for CHF 4.80 (excl. postage and packaging) at the FiBL Shop (order no. 1645).

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shop.fibl.org: Fact sheet "Wild bees and pllination"