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Organic Agriculture in Serbia: Training for Advisors

Within the GTZ-funded project “Organic Agriculture in Serbia,” the consortium of AFC Consultants International and FiBL successfully implemented a training for state extension advisors close to Pancevo, Serbia, on September 8 and 9, 2010.

The workshop concentrated on developing conceptional ideas for technical advisory services on organic farms and collecting questions for research activities, as well as taking a closer look at opportunities for Serbian organic production in the future. Another focus of this training was on field crops, fertilization, and crop rotation in organic agriculture. Amongst the participants were representatives from the national agriculture extension service, the national association Serbia Organica, the Tamis Institute, the Institute for Science Application in Agriculture (Belgrade), Serbian universities, Serbian media, GTZ, and the consortium AFC/FIBL.

The following topics were covered by the speakers:

  • Organic fertilizers: principles and calculation of nutrients;
  • Crop rotation, green manure;
  • Organic methods in cereal production;
  • Methods for extension advisors for converting from conventional to organic production;
  • Development of a database for information exchange.

Further information

Contact at FiBL: Thomas Bernet

AFC Consultants International