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Online conference on improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production

The EU project OK-Net EcoFeed will hold its final project conference together with three other Horizon 2020 projects: PPILOW, FreeBirds and POWER. The joint online conference "Improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production" will take place from 25 to 26 January 2021. FiBL is one of the project partners in both OK-Net EcoFeed and POWER.

Organic farming leads the way in sustainability and animal welfare and is continuously developing further. Four EU research projects, OK-Net EcoFeed, PPILOW, Freebirds and POWER, will hold the online conference "Improving sustainability and welfare in organicultry and pig production" together with the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming, IFOAM Organics Europe. The project partners, with FiBL being one of them, will present the latest solutions such as ration-planning tools, sustainable and regional feed sources for pigs and poultry, welfare self-assessment tools and the Organic Farm Knowledge platform. Several farmers will testify on their efforts to improve animal welfare. Finally, we will host a policy debate with policy makers, and organic farming and animal welfare associations.

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Andreas Basler, FiBL Switzerland