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New handbook published: How to successfully communicate the values of organic food

Cover German edition FCP handbook

FiBL participated in a project that recently published a handbook on how to successfully communicate the values of organic food on Organic Eprints.

Within the framework of CORE Organic - the European transnational research cooperation supported by the European Commission - one of the 8 pilot projects "Farmer Consumer Partnerships" had the aim of identifying the most promising "ethical" communication arguments exceeding the EU organic farming standards in a multi-step approach.

The handbook is the outcome of this project and provides farmers and processors with practical advice and case studies on how to target their marketing strategies to the growing number of "ethical consumers" and how to improve communication with their customers.

FiBL was one of six partner institutions from five European countries involved in this transnational European research project and the investigations took place in the five partner countries Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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