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New consultancy mandate on organic apple and black currant production in Ukraine

Persons in fruit orchard

FiBL extension workers discuss with IFC representatives and Mr. Rugliak, the director of the 70 hectare fruit orchard in the Region Vinnytsya, about the adaptations necessary when converting to organic.

Together with its partner institution, Organic Standard Ltd (Ukraine), FiBL Switzerland has gained a new consultancy mandate from the IFC (International Finance Corporation) Vinnitsa fruit supply chain development project (Ukraine).

The project goal is to boost the competitiveness of the fruit industry—a market with great potential—in Ukraine and to stimulate investments in the fruit business and designed to promote best management practices on SME farms and build sustainable supply chains in partnership with corporate businesses.

The main purpose of the FiBL mandate is to support the IFC in the implementation of an organic fruit supply chain development program in Ukraine that started in 2007. The program aims to stimulate the introduction and development of sustainable fruit organic technologies at 3-4 pilot farms and enable the wider application of introduced technologies via project public education programs. As there is no experience and knowledge base in Ukraine on organic fruit growing technologies along the whole supply chain, IFC hired FiBL Switzerland, who has experience in organic growing technology and advanced orchard management practices and who has experience adapting these technologies to local conditions. The challenging mandate is assigned for a period of 4 months and lasts until September 2011.

FiBL Switzerland is responsible for advising pilot farmers, the engagement of the necessary partners, i.e. Organic Standard Ltd (Ukraine), bio-input suppliers and others whose role will be critical to facilitating the application of organic production development in Ukraine, and for preparation of educational tools for fruit growers.

FiBL’s activities in Ukraine are not new. In fact, since 2004 FiBL has implemented the technical cooperation project Organic Certification and Market Development in Ukraine, funded by the Swiss Confederation (SECO). The project goal is to contribute to the growth of the Ukrainian organic sector and to its integration in the world trade. The FiBL mandate for IFC is a complementary activity to the SECO project and confirms the importance of a strong and reliable international partner towards the development of the Ukrainian organic sector.

Further information

Contact at FiBL: Tobias Eisenring