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New advisory tool on animal-friendly pig husbandry in Africa

Cover Technical guide

With support of the Swiss Sahee Foundation and local advisors, FiBL produced a technical guide for trainers in Swaziland on animal-friendly pig husbandry. The new practical tool will support trainers in their efforts to promote smallholder pig production in respect of the animals' natural behaviour. Animal-friendly husbandry is known to be a key prerequisite for economic production of quality meat.
The new advisory tool explains the natural behaviour and needs of pigs, draws conclusions for animal-friendly husbandry systems and presents proven solutions as well as relevant additional information on production issues. In each chapter, the key aspects for discussion with farmers are pointed out.
The guide is available for free download at www.shop.fibl.org, www.sahee.org and www.organic-africa.net.

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Barbara Früh


shop.fibl.org: Technical guide "Animal-friendly pig husbandry"