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Manual for organic action plans


In the framework of the Interreg Project SME Organics, FiBL, IFOAM EU and ORC Elm Farm published in 2018 the second edition of the manual for the development, implementation and evaluation of organic action plans. The manual is now also available at the FiBL shop.

Organic action plans are commonly used in Europe for coordinating public policies and private or voluntary-led initiatives in a framework, at local, national or European governance level to support the development of the organic sector. They are usually based on a partnership approach between the organic sector, policy makers and other stakeholders, with common objectives and actions for development set out over a defined period.

This manual serves to inspire the people, organisations and institutions at the different levels involved in, and with an interest in the organic food and farming sector, who may wish to engage in the initiation, review, revision or renewal of organic action plans.

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shop.fibl.org: Organic Action Plans. Development, Implementation and Evaluation