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Honorary Professorship of the China Agricultural University for Urs Niggli

From left to right: Professor Ting Xu, Head of the Department, Professor Urs Niggli, Director of FiBL and Professor Wenliang Wu, Professor for Agroecosystems. (Photo: FiBL, Qiyan Wang-Müller)

The Director of FiBL, Urs Niggli, was awarded an honorary professorship during a two-day science conference on organic agriculture at the University of Beijing. He gave several lectures on the topics of "Organic Agriculture and Global Food Security" and "Research and Innovation in Organic Agriculture". FiBL is a partner of the university's Department of Resources and Environment. A summer course for master students from China is jointly held at FiBL. As early as summer 2019, seven students deepened their knowledge of all aspects of sustainable agriculture. Next year, at least twice as many students are expected to come to Switzerland.

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Urs Niggli, Director of FiBL Switzerland