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FiBL study on locally produced food in Freiburg

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL in Frick conducted a study on the consumption of locally produced food in Freiburg, Germany, based on data collected from 121 producers, traders and major consumers. According to Gerda Stuchlik, the Mayor for Environment, Freiburg was the first city to conduct a study of this kind.

According to Heidrun Moschitz of FiBL, only about a fifth of the food consumed in Freiburg stems from local production; the major food share is imported globally. However, the numbers depend heavily on the product sector: 70 % of milk and 80 % of beef are locally produced, while only 13 % of vegetables and 8 % of fruit are from the region. By contrast, over 50 % of locally produced wine is sold outside of the region.

The leader of Freiburg's Environment Agency, Klaus von Zahn, sees need for action. The members of the town council support the dedication of the city administration, but they also feel that regional production is a concept which the citizens first need to be familiarized with. In general, growers and producers should be better connected.

For the full article (in German), please see the link below.

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  • Presentation of the study on 3 May, 7pm
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