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FiBL staff member wins SFIAR Master Thesis Award 2013

Christian Andres

Field trial comparing the effects of organic (poultry manure) and synthetic fertilization on the development of yams (Dioscorea spp.)


Workers and Christian Andres doing field work. Yams are planted in soil heaps, that need to be restored after the rains have made them crumble away.

Workers and Christian Andres doing field work

A well-nourished yam plant that has been fertilized with poultry manure

A well-nourished yam plant

Holes in the soil heaps after sampling the soil for laboratory analysis

Holes in the soil

Reagents for soil analysis in the laboratory

Christian Andres, formerly a student at ETH Zurich and now working at FiBL, has won the Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research (SFIAR) Master Thesis Award 2013 for his submission "Fertilization of Dioscorea rotundata with poultry manure: effects on nutrient dynamics and nutrient use efficiencies".

This award is for the year's best masters thesis by a scientist working in a Swiss institution on agricultural research for development (ARD). With this award, the SFIAR aims to directly support agricultural research that is relevant to development as well as to increase the visibility and awareness of Swiss agricultural research for development.

Christian Andreas also received the Hans H. Ruthenberg Award for Graduates for his master thesis. This is an award in the academia of agriculture for diploma or master thesis for research on food security and reduction of poverty in developing countries.

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Christian Andres