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FiBL pig and poultry publications featured on Organic Farm Knowledge

17 FiBL publications relating to pig and poultry husbandry have enriched the Organic Farm Knowledge online platform. The platform provides access to a diverse range of tools and promotes knowledge exchange among farmers, farm advisors and scientists. FiBL maintains the platform in collaboration with partners from the OK-Net EcoFeed project.

The FiBL shop contains many publications covering a vast array of knowledge about organic farming and related fields. Recently, 12 pig-specific and five poultry-specific tools were added to the platform’s toolbox. In doing so, FiBL and Organic Farm Knowledge hope the knowledge comprised in these publications reach more farmers, farm advisors and scientist, to promote productivity and quality in organic farming across Europe. As the platform continues to expand, more FiBL publications will become available in the toolbox.

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  • Helga Willer, FiBL Switzerland
  • Andreas Basler, FiBL Switzerland