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FiBL partnered with Legumes Translated for an online seminar - "How to produce your own farm video to enhance knowledge exchange"

The online seminar showcasing video production within the context of agricultural projects on September 1, 2020, is now available for viewing and downloading.

Legumes Translated, a project which FiBL is closely involved, supports the production and use of grain legumes in Europe. On the first of September, FiBL’s Thomas Alföldi presented how to produce low-budget audio-visual material for research and innovation projects in the field of agriculture. Participants discussed affordable equipment and video editing programs for realising good quality videos, and Thomas shared his expertise from years of experience shooting and editing videos for agricultural projects. Key considerations related to planning, filming and editing videos were discussed.

The proceeding materials are now readily accessible online! Legumes Translated has published the recorded video from the online seminar to their YouTube page and Zenodo. The presentation is also available for download on Zenodo. These are linked below.

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