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FiBL part of National Centre for Climate Services established by the federal government

How can we draw on existing knowledge about the climate as part of the decision-making process? The Swiss National Centre for Climate Services NCCS helps government departments, politicians, the business sector and society to recognise the risks and opportunities. This in turn enables the risks to be reduced, opportunities to be exploited and costs to be optimised. The groundwork which is laid by the NCCS and various specialist departments helps to set the relevant players on the right track for a future in the context of climate change.

Contribution by Agroscope and FiBL

Both the research centre Agroscope and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL will contribute to the thematic field of agriculture in the newly founded National Centre for Climate Services. Dr Sybille Stöckli from the Department of Crop Sciences is responsible for the coordination of NCCS research within FiBL.

The questions below are among the issues focused on by the NCCS:

  • Will it rain more and will we therefore have bigger floods? What does this mean for my town?
  • Will pests cause more losses in future in the fruit, wine and crop farming sectors? What does this mean for crop protection?
  • How much worse will the heat waves get? What does this mean for the population?
  • Which tree species should we promote today? Which species have a good yield in wood and provide a good habitat for animals and plants, even in times of higher temperatures and drought?
  • How will our water resources change? What implications does this have for society?

Further Information


Sybille Stöckli


  • On Monday, 16 November 2015, the media conference for launching the National Centre for Climate Services (NCCS) took place in Bern. Bernard Lehmann, director of the Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG, and Bruno Oberle, director of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN both attended the conference.
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