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Feeding the people: Agroecology for nourishing the world and transforming the agri-food system

On 29th September 2015 the Action Network: Organic Can Feed The Planet published a manifesto and released a declaration, affirming organic as the food and farming system best suited to meet the major challenges facing us.

The organic movement has joined together to contribute to the theme of this year’s EXPO in Milan - feeding the planet - and IFOAM EU has published a report, Feeding the People: Agroecology for Nourishing the World and Transforming the Agri-Food System. FiBL staff members Robert Home, Ulrich Hoffmann, Adrian Müller, and Bernadette Oehen contributed to this report.

Christopher Stopes, president ot the European Union Group of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM-EU) said "Organic food and farming and agroecology have a holistic, system-wide approach to food and farming. They are uniquely placed to address the complex and interlinked global challenges we currently face including food insecurity and obesity, climate change, unfair working and trade conditions, soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, poor animal welfare, deforestation and loss of agricultural land, to name but a few."

"There is an urgent need for a transformation of the existing agro-food systems to sustainable agroecological systems and scientific investigation is increasingly showing that a system-wide change is needed," continued Angelika Hilbeck, a senior scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Institute of Integrative Biology and co-editor of Feeding the People.

At both national and international levels, there is an absence of broad-based political support, regulatory frameworks and appropriate economic incentives – or they are just in their infancy. In Feeding the People, editors Angelika Hilbeck and Bernadette Oehen, senior scientist at FiBL, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, bring together a number of well-known experts to share their visions of how agriculture can be transformed from its current form to one that will help reverse the environmental damage done by industrial agriculture, and one which can feed the global population.

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