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FAO-FiBL Workshop - a knowledge exchange forum for greening of food value chains

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As the market and its opportunities have an increasing impact; not only on the sustainability of agricultural production practices but also on other activities in the food value chain, FAO is eager to widen its approach and scope of action on sustainable agricultural development.

FAO has developed a framework, with a focus on "greening of food value chains" (GFVC), to guide the promotion of institutional arrangements along food value chains that boost environmental and social impact: especially in the context of developing countries. FAO organized a workshop, in collaboration with FiBL, in its headquarters in Rome on November 27 and 28 with the aim of presenting and discussing this new framework with different partner organisations. The workshop was attended by 40 participants representing different UN organizations (FAO, IFAD, ILO, ITC, UNCTAD), research institutions (Bioversity International, CIRAD, FiBL) and entities implementing development projects (GIZ, Helvetas, International Institute for Sustainability, Slow Food, Sustainability Commodity Initiative, World Food Program).

The workshop provided an excellent networking platform and confirmed the need for concerted action to promote the GFVC concept at a broader scale under the leadership of FAO. As a next step FiBL will document and compile a series of case studies showcasing the greening in practice, which will be included in a GFVC handbook.

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fao.org: FAO-FiBL Workshop – A Knowledge Exchange Forum for the Development of Green Food Value Chains

The workshop proceedings will be uploaded approximately mid December.