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EU project with FiBL involvement presented at the Expo Milano 2015


CO-FREE - Innovative strategies for copper-free low input and organic farming systems

The project CO-FREE (which stands for "Innovative strategies for copper-free low input and organic farming Systems") was presented at the EU-Pavilion during the Expo Milano on an event hosted by the European Commission.

CO-FREE is funded by the 7th European Union Framework Programme and coordinated by the Julius-Kühn-Institut (JKI) and FiBL.

While 25 projects are supported by the Framework Programme, only six have been chosen to be presented at the event. Dr. Annegret Schmitt (JKI) used this opportunity to talk about the goals and achievements of CO-FREE, which aims to reduce the use of copper, especially in organic farming. In the afternoon, a demonstration provided a more in-depth look into particular results.

In this context, Dr. Annegret Schmitt and Dr. Lucius Tamm (FiBL) presented the topic of using resistant varieties of potatoes and, particularly, strategies to increase acceptance among customers for new varieties. A video covering this topic was presented, which was developed under the leadership of the project partner LBI and INRA, France. Moreover, additional informational material was made available by the project partner Louis Bolk Institut (LBI), the Netherlands.

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Lucius Tamm


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