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EHEC – A problem not specific to organic farming

There has been much speculation about the pathogenic EHEC bacterial strain that has claimed the lives of more than thirty people so far in Germany. In the present document FiBL, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, presents a summary of scientific facts on the issue. The document addresses the following questions and more:

  • What is EHEC?
  • Is organic production more susceptible to EHEC?
  • Why does organic farming use organic fertilizers to close nutrient cycles?
  • What are the benefits of using organic fertilizers?

In addition, this document addresses the links between ethologically sound feeding practices and animal health as well as general fertilizer management in organic farming.

An extensive list of references is given at the end of the document.

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  • Urs Niggli, Director FiBL Switzerland
  • Jacqueline Forster-Zigerli, FibL Switzerland