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CORE Organic II: Call Announcement

CORE Organic II has published an announcement of a common call with a closing date of 15 October 2010.

Information on the CORE Organic II research priorities for this call, expected funding from each partner country, and the criteria for participation, is available at the CORE Organic II website at www.coreorganic2.org.

CORE Organic II builds on the outcome of the first CORE Organic - successfully completed in 2007 - with the aim of building an effective and sustainable transnational research programme. CORE Organic's goal is to identify common research priorities for the organic sector where a transnational approach gives added value, launch at least two transnational calls, initiate research projects, organize project monitoring and dissemination of results, and to consider funding models.

Further Information


Call sectretariat

  • Dr. Elke Saggau
    Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food
    Tel. +49 228 99 68 45-393
    E-Mail  Elke.Saggau(at)ble.de

CORE Organic II coordinator

  • Ulla Bertelsen
    International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems
    E-Mail icrofs(at)icrofs.org

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