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Climate Change Conference: The organic movement is present

IFOAM EU Group, IFOAM 2009: High sequestration ....

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM and FiBL are present at the Climate Change Conference with several activities.

Together with FiBL, IFOAM has prepared the study „High Sequestration, Low Emission, Food Secure Farming“ which shows the  major potential organic farming offers as a climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy. (See also FiBL media release of December 9, 2009). IFOAM has also prepared two fact sheets; one on Organic Agriculture’s Role in Countering Climate Change; one on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa.

IFOAM is reporting daily from the conference with short video updates.

Furthermore a number of events are scheduled to take place during the conference.

Throughout the conference, IFOAM is running a stand in the exhibition area, to provide a meeting point and a place for sharing information.

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