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Bioinstitut: Annual report 2009 Now Published

Bioinstitut, one of the founding members of FiBL International, has been actively involved in the development of organic agriculture in the Czech Republic for five years now. Recently the activity report 2009 was published.

In its report, Bioinstitut informs about developments within the organization, projects, publications, and cooperating organizations. With the rapid increase of organically farmed land in the Czech Republic (now almost ten percent of the agricultural land) and more and more diversification in primary production and processing, the Bioinstitut (www.bioinstitut.cz) is facing many challenges.

One major activity in 2009 was the establishment of the Czech Technology Platform for Organic Agriculture (CTPOA) with the aim of uniting and linking a wide range of people and companies active in the field of organic farming and organic food production. With the signing of a contract, all founding members declared their common aim to build and ensure the development of the system of knowledge in the area of organic agriculture and organic food production with emphasis on knowledge transfer across all key areas of the sector.

Bioinstitut is one of the members of FiBL International, which was set up in early 2010. 

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