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5th Latin American and Caribbean Organic Meeting and Fair

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The 5th Latin American and Caribbean Meeting of producers and researchers in organic agriculture and the V Fair of the Latin American and Caribbean Organic Producers will take place from 5 to 9 September 2010 in La Molina, Peru. Papers for the conference may be submitted by 31 July 2010. FiBL is a member of the international conference committee and is co-responsible for organizing the event.

In the International Year of Biodiversity, the event is dedicated to the contributions that ecological agriculture makes to climate change mitigation and adaptation, the promotion of agricultural biodiversity, improved water and soil management and, in general, food sovereignty, rural development and the vitality of rural areas.

The Meeting and Fair will provide a space for dissemination, reflection and exchange among the diverse stakeholders of the organic food chain.

The national organizing committee is headed by the National Association of Ecological Producers ANPE. Furthermore, the Peruvian Government (Ministries of Agriculture and Environment) as well as the National Agrarian University La Molina UNALM are represented. The international committee brings together a number of institutions and research institutes from Latin America and the Caribbean, together with FiBL.

The event is supported by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and its Latin American members organized in GALCI (Grupo de America Latina y el Caribe de IFOAM).

The Meetings and Fairs have their origin in 2003, when the Central American Meeting was held in Costa Rica. After that, similar events were held in Cuba (2004) and Mexico (2005). The first Latin American meeting was held in Nicaragua (2006), followed by Guatemala (2007) and Bolivia (2008). In 2009, the meeting took place in El Salvador.  

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