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A man is leaning on a tree, a calf nuzzles his hand.
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New study shows that organic farming can contribute to the world food supply

A worldwide conversion to organic farming can contribute to a comprehensive and sustainable food…

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12th Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting held in Basel

Producers of biocontrol products did not always have a common meeting place. This changed in 2006,…

Several people are standing at a podium.
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Fraud prevention through verifying organic farming practices

Transparency is crucial for the organic markets and exports from Ukraine. More transparency could be…

Two types of soil bacteria, strongly magnified.
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More microbes in organic soil

Soils in organic farming contain on average 59 percent more biomass from microorganisms, which are…

A screenshot of the website OrganicExportInfo
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Are you an exporter of organic products? A new website informs you on current requirements

Navigating through the ever-changing import rules is now easier thanks to a new website:…

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FiBL Europe celebrates its opening

Today, the leading research institute in organic agriculture, FiBL, inaugurated its new office in…

A woman is standing at a podium.
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Voluntary Sustainability Standards: Growth continues

The latest market data on key Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) is presented in "The State of…

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Tillage without using a plough: beneficial for soil and climate

Ploughless tillage can reduce soil erosion and contribute to protecting the climate. Two recent…

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New round for the FiBL organic input list 2018

Trade products can now be registered for the "Input list for organic agriculture in Germany 2018”.

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Cacao agroforestry systems increase farmers’ income

A long-term study in Bolivia comparing different cacao production systems shows that in addition to…

Representatives of the organic movement in a group picture in the Ukrainian Pavilion.
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Ukraine receives considerable attention at BIOFACH 2017

Seventeen Ukrainian companies participated as exhibitors at the BIOFACH Fair 2017 in Nuremberg,…

Graphic: Organic Farmland 2015
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Organic in Europe: Organic market grows by double digits and organic area reaches 12.7 million hectares in 2015

The organic market in Europe continues to grow. In 2015, it increased by 13% and nearly reached 30…

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FiBL at BIOFACH 2017: Media kit

At the BIOFACH Congress, where a wide range of topics will be discussed, researchers of FiBL will…

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Organic Chinese medicinal plants for Europe

A new cooperation platform aims at promoting organic cultivation of Chinese medicinal herbs in…

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Another record year for organic agriculture worldwide - 50.9 million hectares of organic agricultural land – organic market grows to more than 80 billion US Dollars

The latest global data on organic farming worldwide will be presented by the Research Institute of…

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FiBL at BIOFACH 2017 – Science Day and current numbers

Another strong presence of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at BIOFACH 2017 in…