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Quality assurance

Input lists for Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Europe

Organic producers are only allowed to use natural substances. This is true for fertilizers, substrates, products to combat parasites as well as plant protection products, disinfectants, livestock feeds and silage additives.

FiBL publishes input lists that list permitted commercial products. The assessment of such products requires a great deal of technical expertise and is conducted at FiBL by specialized teams. For the assessment, manufacturers must submit complete product information to FiBL.

The first input list for Switzerland was published by FiBL in 1992. Additional lists were added over time: The FiBL list for Germany, lists for the farming associations Naturland, Gäa, Demeter Germany and Demeter International, organic processing, the list for the Netherlands as well as the European Input List. The latest ‘family member’ is the list for Italy, which is supposed to be published in the beginning of 2020.

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Pia Pedross, FiBL Europe


Assessment and avoidance of residues

The FiBL Residues Working Group provides scientific expertise and advisory services for all questions relating to residues in organic food and feed and develops solutions to ensure the integrity of the organic sector.

FiBL has developed long-standing expertise in the field of residues and contaminants and can provide science-based solutions and support to different stakeholders. We provide tailor-made solutions for different needs and cases to different target groups, farmers, processors, retailers, traders, control bodies/certifiers, authorities.

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