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Feed analyses

Roughage analyses

FiBL Switzerland offers roughage analyses, carried out in its own laboratory. The roughage samples are analysed using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and the ingredients such as crude protein and energy are identified. The results are converted into absorbable protein (APDE/APDN) and net energy (Net energy lactation/Net energy meat production), according to the equation of the Swiss feeding system for ruminants. The costs amount to CHF 50.- per analysis including a consultation by telephone if required.


Analysis of tannins in sainfoin

The condensed tannins in sainfoin may have an effect on gastrointestinal worms in ruminants and horses. Since the concentration of the condensed tannins depends on many factors, and the effect on the gastrointestinal worms is dependent on dosage, it is advisable to detect the concentration of the active ingredient in sainfoin.