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How to find FiBL Europe

Reception desk is open from 8:30 to 17:00, please ring the bell.

By public transport

  • Metro: Madou (Line 2 and 6) Exit Bischofsheim 
  • Tram: Congres (Line 92/93), turn onto Rue du Congrès (directly opposite of the monument “Colonne du Congrès”), then turn the second street right onto Rue de la Presse, first building on the left side
  • Bus: Presse (Linien 29/63/65/66), turn right onto Rue de la Presse, last building on the right side.

Tickets for public transport can be purchased on the bus/tram (2,50 €) or at the ticket machines (single tickets, 5 tickets, 10 tickets or 24-72 h tickets are available). At the ticket machines you can pay either by card or with coins, no banknotes!

How to get to the office from Gare Centrale?

Walking Distance is 850 m via Rue des Colonies und Rue de la Croix de Fer. Leave the central station towards Cantersteen/Kantersteen (if you standing in the main hall, facing the ticket counter, use the right exit and turn left onto Cantersteen/Kantersteen. Continue onto Rue des Colonies/Kolonienstraat. Turn left onto Rue Royal/Koningsstraat. At the bakery “Paul” turn right onto Rue de la Croix de Fer. Turn left onto Rue de la Presse.

Or take the Bus (65 to Da Vinci/ 63 to Cim. Bruxelles/ 66 to Peage/ 29 to Hof ten Berg) from Gare Centrale to Presse (3 stops). 

How to get to the office from the airport (Zaventem)?

Take the train IC to Gare Centrale.

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