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Cover "Earthworms – Architects of fertile soils"

Earthworms – Architects of fertile soils

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Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians at the Salone del Gusto 2014


For the first time ever, the Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians Trademark was presented to a large... read more

Re-Use the phosphorus! Stakeholder workshop on P-recycling (video)


At a workshop during the 18th Organic World Congress in Istanbul in October 2014, researchers from... read more

TIPI vision and strategy for organic farming research presented in Istanbul


A workshop of TIPI,  the Technology Innovation Platform of the International Federation of... read more

Food wastage costs the world 2.6 trillion dollars each year


What are the costs to society of food wastage and which preventive measures make macro-economic... read more

FiBL’s scientists debate research findings at Tropentag conference


This year’s Conference on Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management... read more

FiBL co-founder Michael Rist has died


On the 17th of August 2014 Michael Rist, a pioneer of the Swiss organic farming scene, died aged 87. read more

Participatory research – an efficient tool to empower farmers and foster...


Participatory agricultural research has emerged as an internationally acknowledged method to... read more

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