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Titre du projet Développement du marché des produits bio en Ukraine (Phase 2)
Numéro du projet UR-00196.04.01
Numéro du projet FiBL 6509506

The project fosters the growth of small and medium enterprises in the Ukrainian organic food sector by developing organic and regional food supply chains. It focuses on both national and international markets following a demand driven approach.

The project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the country’s organic sector by:

  1. Increasing the quality and volume of selected organic arable crops from small- and medium-sized farms for export;
  2. Increasing the quality and volume of organic dairy products from small- and medium-sized farms for the domestic market;
  3. Developing a trademark for regional food products from the Carpathians;
  4. Improving commercial organic services;
  5. Fostering a conducive environment for the further development of the organic sector.

The project develops two different organic value chains: arable crops and dairy products, both of which have a strong market potential. The certified organic arable crop value chain (component 1) targets the export market, while the certified organic dairy value chain (component 2) is aimed at the domestic market. The development of these value chains will be accompanied by measures to increase the availability and quality of consulting services (component 4) and shape a conducive business environment (component 5)  for the organic sector through policy dialogue at provincial (oblast) and national levels. In addition the project seeks to promote the economic development of the Ukrainian Carpathians, an area with strong tourist potential, by establishing a Trademark for regional food products (component 3). (For details on project components see ).

The methodologies used are the “Leader Approach” and the “Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA)”. The “Leader Approach” involves a direct collaboration with powerful actors within the value chain; ‘leaders’ who have the economic means to drive the innovation process (using their own investments) and to play a pioneering role in developing new markets. The leaders also act as knowledge hubs and models for the other stakeholders within the value chain. The “PMCA” (applied to the third component of the project: the Carpathian trademark) builds trust and facilitates cooperation along the value chain, thus helping to develop and exploit new market opportunities.

Etat du projet Terminé
Début du projet 01.06.2012
Fin du projet 31.08.2018



Programme (de recherche)
  • Secrétariat d'Etat à l'économie SECO – Coopération économique et développement
Partenaire de projet
  • Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine
Direction du projet du FiBL / contact
Collaborateurs du FiBL
  • Bernet Thomas (Département de la coopération internationale)
  • Bickel Regula (Département des sciences économiques et sociales)
  • Bilyk Ruslan (Ukraine), Facilitator Dairy
  • Hasiuk Oleksandra (Ukraine), Office Manager
  • Huber Beate (Département de la coopération internationale, Vice-directeurs)
  • Meili Eric (Département des sciences animales)
  • Okhotnikova Olena (Ukraine), Project Accountant
  • Pivniuk Anastasiia (Ukraine), PR Manager
  • Prokopchuk Natalie (Département de la coopération internationale)
  • Richter Toralf
  • Schürmann Stefan (Département de la vulgarisation, de la formation et de la communication)
  • Sigg Tetiana (Département de la coopération internationale)
  • Urban Jiří (Département de la coopération internationale)
  • Weisshaidinger Rainer (Coopération internationale, Evaluation de la durabilité et la protection du climat)
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