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Organic farming and climate change

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New FiBL report on organic agriculture and climate change


This week, a new report on the potential of organic agriculture to mitigate climate change has been published. This report has been commissioned to FiBL by the IFOAM-EU... read more

FiBL part of National Centre for Climate Services established by the federal government


How can we draw on existing knowledge about the climate as part of the decision-making process? The Swiss National Centre for Climate Services NCCS helps government... read more

FiBL comments on methodological flaws in a study that criticizes the climate change mitigation potential of Organic Farming


The study by Julius McGee was published in the journal Agriculture and Human Values in June 2015. read more

Andreas Gattinger earned his habilitation at the Justus Liebig University Giessen


FiBL researcher Andreas Gattinger recently earned his habilitation at Faculty 09 of the Justus Liebig University Giessen with a thesis on carbon fluxes in soil... read more

FiBL session "Sustaining our soils: the role of society and transdisciplinary research" at the Global Soil Week


The Global Soil Week is a knowledge platform for sustainable soil management and responsible land governance worldwide. This year’s Global Soil Week will highlight the... read more

FiBL partnership with New Zealand


Following a visit to New Zealand by a Swiss delegation in 2009, New Zealand’s Minister of Agriculture David Carter and the former director of the Swiss Federal Office... read more

Organic farming enhances soil carbon


“Organic agriculture provides environmental benefits through the sequestration of atmospheric carbon in soil organic matter”, says a group of international experts... read more

New study on no-till agriculture and its contribution to climate change mitigation and sustainability


FiBL authors recently completed a study that examined the state of research on climate impacts of no-till agriculture. The study—“No till agriculture – a climate smart... read more

New report on the climate mitigation potential of organic agriculture


At the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, stakeholders along the organic food production chain established a Round Table on Organic... read more

New study released on options for climate-friendly agriculture


Working closely with scientists at the universities of Hohenheim in Germany and Aarhus in Denmark, FiBL authors have produced a study of the agricultural policy options... read more

Agriculture in the times of climate change – Organic farming approaches to face the challenge


Public seminar on October 18, 2011 on organic farming and climate change at the European Parliament Brussels.  read more

International expert workshop on applying life cycle assessment to organic agriculture held in Bari, Italy


The 'International expert workshop on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - methods, models, and databases with focus on GHG emission and sequestration potential of organic... read more

Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change: Workshop and Meeting


An expert workshop on "Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - methods, models, and databases with focus on GHG emissions and sequestration potential of organic farming systems... read more

First workshop of the Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change RTOACC


On May 10th and 11th 2010 the first workshop of the Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change (RTOACC) took place at FiBL. Thirty-five experts from ten... read more



More than 25,000 NGO delegates had registered before COP15, yet many remained barred from entering the overfilled conference centre. In the meantime, representatives of... read more

Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change established


Climate change directly influences food production and food security. To address these new challenges, the Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change has been... read more

COPENHAGEN COMMENTARY: Climate change and social justice


The question of social justice is emerging in many of the Copenhagen events as a most urgent issue. Small and medium-sized farmers, for example, fear that they may be... read more

COPENHAGEN COMMENTARY: Agriculture can slow global warming – but which type of agriculture?


At the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the farmers' organizations are calling for agriculture to be included in the negotiations as a part of the package of... read more

Climate Change Conference: The organic movement is present


The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM and FiBL are present at the Climate Change Conference with several activities.  read more

Reducing greenhouse gases, sequestering carbon – Harnessing the potential of organic farming!


Copenhagen Climate Summit: FiBL calls for worldwide promotion of organic farming read more

Organic farming saves resources and the climate – Promoting organic farming means mitigating climate change!


Organic is good for the climate: At BioFach 2007 in Nuremberg, the world’s largest trade fair for organic farming and food, a workshop tackles the issue of Climate... read more

Europe’s oldest long-term trial in organic ar-able farming set to continue


Long-term farming trials are under great financial pressure. Hence the focus of research is increasingly shifting towards short-term schemes. But the Agroscope... read more

Science publishes its first European paper on organic agriculture


Organic agriculture is finally making its presence felt in the worldwide scientific community. For the last 24 years the DOK trial has compared conventional agricultural... read more