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Barbara Früh
(Dipl.-Ing. FH)

Department of Livestock Sciences
Group lead Animal Welfare and Housing
Ackerstrasse 113
CH-5070 Frick

Phone +41 (0)62 865-7218
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Boar fattening

In the beginning of 2010, a ruling was implemented stating that male piglets in Switzerland can only be castrated under anaesthesia - a very important step for animal welfare. However, castration is still an invasive procedure. Animal husbandry, especially organic, should have the long-term goal of leaving the animals unharmed, which means that the male pigs will have to be fattened as boars.
Many European countries already practise boar fattening with more to follow. Although boar fattening has some advantages, there are some hurdles to overcome, which has led to more research in the field.  In the "FairPig" project, for example, FiBL Switzerland analysed the behaviour of boars and sows in different group combinations.

The following pages provide background information and related projects.