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Johanna Rüegg
(M.Sc. Umweltnaturwissenschaften ETH)

Department of International Cooperation
Ackerstrasse 113
CH-5070 Frick

Phone +41 (0)62 865-1745

Rüegg Johanna

Activity areas

  • Group Tropical Agriculture & Agroforestry
  • Cocoa
  • tropical agroforestry systems

Completed projects

No database entries available.

Training / professional career

  • Since 2019 Researcher in the project "Long-term farming systems comparisons in the tropics" (SysCom)
  • Since 2018 Co-founder of Verein Boimig, Zürich
  • Since 2017 staff member at WormUp, Zürich
  • 2014 - 2017 Master in Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry & pollutant dynamics, ETH Zürich
  • 2010 - 2014 Bachelor in Environmental Sciences, ETH Zürich


Publications not included in the Organic Eprints archive

  • Rüegg, J., Quezada, J.C., Santoja, M., Ghazoul, J., Kuzyakov, Y., Buttler, A., Guillaume, T. (2019): Drivers of soil carbon stabilization in oil palm plantations. Land Degradation & Development, p. 1-12.
  • Gilli, R.S., Karlen, C., Weber, M., Rüegg, J., Barmettler, K., Biester, H., Boivin, P., Kretzschmar, R. (2018): Speciation and Mobility of Mercury in Soils Contaminated by Legacy Emissions from a Chemical Factory in the Rhône Valley in Canton of Valais, Switzerland. Soil Syst., 2, 44.
  • Nenadic, M., Rüegg, J., Yao, R. (2017) : How to achieve the transition of European agriculture towards self-sufficiency in protein supply? In: Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center: PSC Summer Schools 2014 and 2016. Agriculture in Transformation – Concepts for agriculture production systems that are socially fair, environmentally safe and economically viable. Melanie Paschke (ed.), IDEA Verlag GmbH.
  • Kattwinkel, M., Reichert, P., Rüegg, J., Liess, M., Schuwirth, N. (2016): Modelling Macroinvertebrate Community Dynamics in Stream Mesocosms Contaminated with a Pesticide. Environmental Science & Technology, 50 (6), 3165 - 3173.