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Farming Systems Comparison in the Tropics

This project aims to establish a scientific basis for discussing the performance and potential of conventional and organic agricultural production systems in the tropics. Long-term comparative field trials have been established in three tropical countries – Kenya, India and Bolivia – in tandem with participatory on-farm research on technology development. In each country there is a focus on a different cropping system. This project has been running since 2007.

Diversified Systems for Organic Production (SYPROBIO)

SYPROBIO aims to improve the incomes and food security of smallholder farmers in West and Central Africa through developing diversified organic production systems. The project has a collaborative and participatory approach and focuses on encouraging innovative production techniques, testing them and diffusing the successful ones. The best of these farmer-driven innovations are simple economic and protect the environment. The aim is to convince non-organic farmers, policy makers and market players that organic farming is a viable option for alleviating hunger and fighting poverty.
www.syprobio.net (French)

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Agriculture in the tropics

FiBL is committed to researching and promoting sustainable agricultural production systems worldwide. Our researchers are involved in activities that can support sustainable organic systems in developing countries. These include:

  • Research activities – on-farm research, participatory technology development and the management of research stations in cooperation with local research organizations.
  • Capacity and institution building – tailor-made training and partnerships with local research organizations and advisory services for specific activities and projects.
  • Consultancy work – technical advice to help private companies to assess and improve the storage, processing and packaging parameters of organic foodstuffs.

Of notable international relevance are FiBL’s long-term comparison trials in Kenya, India and Bolivia, conducted as part of the Farming Systems Comparison in the Tropics project. We are also conducting on-farm research activities with organic cotton producers in Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali to study and promote strategies for adapting to climate change as part of the Syprobio project.

Projects in Sustainable Food Production