Adamtey Noah Dr. Phil. Agr. & Umwelt Project coordinator
Andres Christian Dr. sc. ETH Zürich Sustainable agriculture in the tropics
Armengot Martinez Laura Dr. Scientific collaborator, Research on Sustainable Production Systems
Bautze David Research on Sustainable Production Systems
Bernet Thomas Dr. Dipl.-Ing. agr. ETH Market chain research, development and management
Bhullar Gurbir Dr. sc. Group lead Tropical Agriculture, Systems Comparison Project in India
Cicek Harun Dr. Organic Cropping Systems in drylands
Eisenring Tobias MBA, M.Sc., MAS Sector and market development, Geographical indications and trademarks, Certification schemes, Organisation development, Project management
Garibay Salvador Dr. sc. ETH Region: Latin America; field of expertise: Plant production, tropical fruits, markets, curricula, training
Huber Beate Dipl.-Ing. agr. (FH) Head of department, member of the board of directors, deputy director, field of expertise: Organic legislation, certification, personnel and organization development, Group lead Policy and Sector Development
Joshi Tanay Dr. Scientist & SGF Project Coordinator (India)
Kadzere Irene Dr. Elaboration of training material for Africa, development of research projects
Lernoud Julia Statistics and data collection
Nicolay Gian L. Dipl.-Ing. agr. ETH Group lead Policy and Sector Development, Coordination Africa
Prokopchuk Natalie MBA, M.Sc. Market development, policy advice, project management
Riar Amritbir Singh Dr. Scientist, Syscom
Richter Toralf Dr. International development of organic markets, marketing services for organic market actors
Rüegg Johanna M.Sc. Umweltnaturwissenschaften ETH Cocoa, tropical agroforestry systems
Schneider Monika M.Sc. Agr. ETH Group lead Agroforestry and Cacao, Agricultural research for development, low-input agriculture, auditing and certification systems, institutional building
van den Berge Paul Dipl.-Ing. HTL Regions: Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle-East, South America, South-East Asia; Field of expertise: Standards, label accreditation, traceability systems, vegetable production