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SoilDOC is a mobile application to monitor your soil with the spade diagnosis. It asks questions about the soil, which can be answered with a simple click. Questions related to your location, the crops grown, any problems occurring on the plot, and appearance of the soil surface. You are then instructed through the steps of the spade diagnosis and to answer related questions. Additional information and pictures help to find the answers. During the evaluation, the app collects all observations and generates a report, which can be exported as csv, txt, or html format, and can be saved as a PDF file on a computer. The app facilitates the comparison of different surveys at the same location. The app is available for Android and Apple devices.

SoilDOC app in Google Play

SoilDOC in the Apple Store

Authors Else Bünemann, Andreas Fliessbach, Gilles Weidmann
Publisher(s) FiBL
Year of publication 2018
Edition 1st edition
Publication Format App
Version Download only
Language German, English, French
Order no. 1118