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Pia Pedross
(M.Sc. Safety in the Food Chain)

Junior Scientist
FiBL Europe
Rue de la Presse 4
BE-1000 Brüssel

Phone +32 (0)483 516-734
Fax +32 (0)2 2272780

FiBL at The Organic Farmer's Fair at GreenTech Amsterdam 2018

[Translate to Englisch:] Two people standing at an information booth

Michael Friedli and Anne Merz at the FiBL booth (Photo: FiBL, Pia Pedross)

Two people making a presentation

Dóra Mészáros and Xenia Gatzert presented OrganicXseeds at TOFF (Photo: FiBL, Pia Pedross)

One person making a presentation

Miguel de Porras presented the European Inputs List at TOFF (Photo: FiBL, Pia Pedross)

Three people standing at an information booth

Dóra Mészáros, Xenia Gatzert, and Pia Pedross at the FiBL booth (Photo: www.biojournal.nl)

(June 22, 2018) 

Representatives from FiBL Europe, FiBL Germany, FiBL Switzerland and ÖMKi proudly represented FiBL at the third annual GreenTech Horticultural Fair in Amsterdam from 12 to 14 June. This year saw the introduction of The Organic Farmer’s Fair (TOFF), which shared knowledge and innovation specifically on organic farming. 

As a founding member, FiBL actively contributed to the knowledge programme by giving a number of presentations on the main stage of the "TOFF Theatre" and by promoting our research and projects at a dedicated booth. 

Dóra Mészáros from FiBL Europe and Xenia Gatzert from FiBL Germany presented the OrganicXseeds project, Michael Friedli from FiBL Switzerland showed research findings on trends and challenges in the production of organic cherries, raspberries and strawberries, and Miguel de Porras and Pia Pedross from FiBL Europe provided insight into the European Input List. 

It was an excellent opportunity to promote the work of FiBL, meet industry and farming representatives, and exchange knowledge on the latest developments in the organic agriculture sector.

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Pia Pedross, FiBL Europe