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News archive

First newsletter of ÖMKI - The Organic Agriculture Research and Advisory Institute in Hungary


The recently established Organic Agriculture Research and Advisory Institute (Ökológiai Mezőgazdasági Kutatóintézet – ÖMKi) in Hungary has now published its first... read more

Import of Bio Suisse certified oats from Ukraine


In December, the first Bio Suisse certified oats were successfully imported from Ukraine. The collaboration between the Swiss importer, the Ukrainian farm and the... read more

New study released on options for climate-friendly agriculture


Working closely with scientists at the universities of Hohenheim in Germany and Aarhus in Denmark, FiBL authors have produced a study of the agricultural policy options... read more

First edition of the Organic-Africa.net newsletter – With latest updates on the African Organic Agriculture Training Manual project


The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) has recently released the first Organic-Africa.net newsletter of the African Organic Agriculture Training Manual... read more

Should the EU ecolabel be extended to the food sector?


A decision of the European Union on whether an ecolabel should be launched for food, feed and drink products is expected in the first half of 2012. read more

African Organic Agriculture Training Manual: Implementation in Africa begins


Switzerland’s Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) today presents its African Organic Agriculture Training Manual at the International Conference on... read more

On the death of Philippe Matile: “The bud Is the most notable mark I’ll leave”


On Saturday October 29, 2011, Philippe Matile died at the age of 79. Philippe Matile was one of seven individuals who founded the Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of... read more

New videos: Main achievements of the SASA project in Albania (Sustainable Agricultural Support in Albania)


After 10 years, the Swiss funded SASA project (Sustainable Agricultural Support in Albania) implemented by FiBL is coming to an end in December 2011. To visualise the... read more

FiBL opens African office


To spearhead an EU-funded research and development project, FiBL has opened its first office in Africa. The “Syprobio” project, scheduled to run for five years, will... read more

Sixth Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting Lucerne


At the sixth ABIM-Lucerne Conference, the prime international meeting of the biocontrol industry, novel and safe biological crop protection products have been presented... read more

FiBL launches new Organic Agriculture Research & Advisory Institute in Hungary


As part of its project 'Advancing Organic Agriculture Research in Hungary,' the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) based in Frick, Switzerland recently... read more

New technical guide: Organic pig production in Europe


Organic farmers in Europe have developed different housing systems for pigs based on the availability of land, soil characteristics, climate, tradition and national... read more

Helping smallholders farm sustainably


Swiss institute presents a training manual for Africa  read more

Potential of organic farming practices to mitigate climate change - work continues


The Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change (RTOACC), formed in December 2009 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, reports on work to... read more

Workshop on improving the organic certification system


A workshop on improving the organic certification system is being organized by CERTCOST on Friday, October 14, 2011 in Brussels. read more

Anti Fraud Initiative organizes workshop in October in Brussels


The Anti Fraud Initiative organizers - the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Resource Protection Ltd. (GfRS) and the Louis Bolk Institute - are... read more

Stakeholder assessment on the development of a Carpathian trademark in the Ukraine


The Swiss Government (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) is supporting an assessment for developing a Carpathian trademark in the Ukraine. Such a... read more

Project website launched for farming systems comparison in the tropics


With the help of local partners, FiBL began research on long-term farming systems comparisons between 2005 and 2007 in three countries: Kenya, India and Bolivia. The... read more

Agriculture in the times of climate change – Organic farming approaches to face the challenge


Public seminar on October 18, 2011 on organic farming and climate change at the European Parliament Brussels.  read more

Side event on genetic resources and organic agriculture at the session of the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture


On July 19, during the 13th Regular Session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (18-22 July 2011) of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of... read more

GM cotton seeds a threat to Indian farmers


Extensive use of genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds is destroying agricultural bio-diversity and jeopardising the livelihood of over four million cotton growers in... read more

New consultancy mandate on organic apple and black currant production in Ukraine


Together with its partner institution, Organic Standard Ltd (Ukraine), FiBL Switzerland has gained a new consultancy mandate from the IFC (International Finance... read more

Organic law vetoed in Ukraine


The President of Ukraine vetoed the law on Ukrainian Organic Production that had been passed by the Ukrainian Parliament on April 21, 2011. read more

Successfully importing organic products to Europe


The potential of the organic market is huge. To operate successfully in importing organic products to Switzerland and the European Union, it is crucial to have accurate... read more

Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) – A problem not specific to sustainable agriculture


Revised version of the FiBL background document on E. coli (EHEC) now available read more

EU Project on food security begins in North Korea


A FiBL-led EU project on food security in North Korea recently begins. read more

EHEC – A problem not specific to organic farming


There has been much speculation about the pathogenic EHEC bacterial strain that has claimed the lives of more than thirty people so far in Germany. In the present... read more

Ukraine: Parliament approves law on organic farming


The Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) has—as one of the last in Eastern Europe—approved a new law on organic farming. This is a major mile-stone for the sector and... read more

Organic agriculture and biodiversity - the facts


Interest in ecologically sound farming is growing. FiBL scientists have therefore summed up the latest research findings on organic agriculture's contribution to... read more

Advancing organic agriculture research in Hungary


The strategic aim of the project "Advancing Organic Agriculture Research in Hungary," launched in 2011, is to foster research of high scientific caliber in the field of... read more

Scientific conference on organic agriculture takes place in Germany


Over 400 scientists gathered at the 11th Scientific Conference on Organic Agriculture to discuss topics ranging from climate change to biodiversity. The program included... read more

Organic beekeeping and market trends: Presentation at BioFach


During Biofach 2011, market trends and figures on organic beekeeping were presented in the workshop "Organic beekeeping and market trends."  The interest... read more

Global organic area: Continued growth


Thirty-seven million hectares of agricultural land worldwide are farmed organically. The countries with the largest area of organic agricultural land are Australia,... read more

EU ecolabel for food and feed products - A feasibility study


The Ecolabel regulation of the European Union has recently been revised and the scope extended such that the labelling scheme can now, in theory, cover food, drink and... read more

The new FiBL activity report 2010 has arrived


Freshly printed and in three languages, the new activity report is a fascinating look at FiBL Germany, Austria and Switzerland's most important projects. This... read more

Call for Papers: Internationale Konferenz zu Biolebensmittelqualität und Gesundheit in Prag


Die erste internationale wissenschaftliche Konferenz zu Biolebensmittelqualität und Gesundheit findet vom 18. bis 20. Mai 2011 in Prag (Tschechien) statt. Beiträge... read more