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FiBL project

Title Organic Soya from Europa
FiBL project number 65110

The demand for organic soy continues to grow as organic animal husbandry further expands. In order to stimulate and develop more sustainable production and marketing structures, Coop Switzerland has contracted the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL). As a first step of this new project, lasting from 2014 until the end of 2017, the potential to produce and market organic soy according to the  Bio Suisse Standard will be assessed. Based on these findings, FiBL will then work together with interested farmers to help them access the Swiss market.  FiBL’s services to interested farmers and farmer groups will involve the following type of support:

  • Access to Bio Suisse certification – FiBL will share relevant information about the Bio Swiss standard and implications in case of certification.
  • Access to production know how – FiBL experts will be conducting trainings related to  modern organic production practices and adequate post-harvest management.
  • Access to the Swiss feedstuff market – FiBL collaborates with both importers and processors of organic raw materials, who are eager to source from trustworthy sources from Eastern Europe.
Project status completed
Start of project 01.04.2014
End of project 28.02.2016
Financing/ Donor

Coop Switzerland

(Research) Programme
  • Partnership Coop and FiBL
Project partners
  • Bio Suisse
  • Bell
  • Fenaco
  • ÖMKi
  • GIZ Serbia
  • Donau Soja Association
FiBL project leader/ contact
FiBL project staff
Further Information
Research area
Date modified 04.06.2019
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