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FiBL project

Title Innovative flower strips for sustainable orchard production
Title Original Innovative Blühstreifen zur nachhaltigen Verbesserung von Obstkulturen
FiBL project number 25064

The project develops the basis for near-natural, agro-ecological fruit cultivation (promotion of functional biodiversity). Based on the findings from our own studies to date, the use of flower strips and other measures will increase the efficiency of natural pest control and pollination on farms. In combination with other semi-natural habitats, sown flower strips increase i) the supply of nectar and pollen, ii) promote the occurrence of alternative prey animals to bridge supply gaps with low pest density, and iii) provide protection and important overwintering sites. The focus is on the ecological upgrading of apple and cherry growing.

The aim is to promote the natural enemies of various fruit tree pests (aphids and codling moth) to such an extent that the use of pesticides can be reduced and the negative effects on the environment minimised. Scientific field trials are planned at FiBL in Frick, AG and on farms to investigate the effectiveness of flower strips and other measures for beneficial insects, pests and other biodiversity.

With this holistic research approach, FiBL aims to substantially improve the sustainability of fruit cultivation for the benefit of farmers and nature.

Project status ongoing
Start of project 01.01.2019
End of project 31.12.2022
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Date modified 20.05.2019
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