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FiBL project

Title Our pig (Development of an alternative pig breed)
Title Original Unser Hausschwein (Entwicklung einer alternativen Schweinerasse)
FiBL project number 55317


In Switzerland, there are only a few pig breeds available. Their characteristics often do not satisfy the demands of Demeter and organic farms.

The aim of the project is to develop a new race. Over the next few years, a frugal, robust and healthy pig should be bred, which complies with the principles of proper animal husbandry. At the involved farms, the animals are evaluated according to certain breeding criteria and selected for further breeding. These criteria are fattening performance, meat quality, roughage exploitation, robustness and reproductive performance. The development of this breed depends on the appropriate feed supply and a natural housing system. This way the pigs are kept, fed and bred in line with their nature. Suitable animals from Germany will be imported for the breeding project. The breeding work on the farms is documented and the exchange of the animals is organized.



Project status ongoing
Start of project 01.09.2017
End of project 01.12.2020
Financing/ Donor
  • Demeter
  • Bio Suisse
Project partners
  • Demeter
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