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FiBL project

Title Compost - Soil fertility and plant health
Title Original Compost - Fertilité du sol et Santé des plantes
FiBL project number 55272

Fertility and soil life are crosscutting themes of agriculture, and compost pays an important role in reintegrating nutritives and organics substances into the soil, closing the natural circle of matter. But a quality compost is more than just a fertilizer. Several research works at FiBL and in the world show that compost also has a fortification effect on plant heath and a suppressive effect of soil born plant diseases.

A multitude of topics are worked within this project by the FiBL France: Fertility and soil life in walnut production, training on compost and plant health for farmers and extension workers, essays on the suppressive effect of compost on Sclerotinia spp. in salad and garlic plants in partnership with students in agriculture (on MFR de Divajeu, Departement of Drôme, France), monitoring of compost on-farm etc.

Project status ongoing
Start of project 01.03.2017
End of project 31.12.2019
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Date modified 02.07.2019
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