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Media archive 2019

Organic farming drives sustainability in global agriculture


Organic farming is an important role model for changing the current agriculture and food system, argue eleven international experts in the renowned scientific journal... read more

Study: Smallholder farmers in groups with various advantages – Significance, opportunities and challenges of group certification


About 80 % of the world’s organic producers are smallholders in low- and middle-income countries. They are usually certified together as part of producer groups. This is... read more

Product submissions for the Input list 2020 now possible


Since Monday, March 25th 2019, producers and distributors of inputs can register their products for the "Input list for organic farming 2020".  read more

The Contribution of Organic Agriculture to the SDGs: Scientific evidence from comparative research


Comparative research shows that organic agriculture has great potential to improve economic, environmental and social conditions in rural areas in low-income countries.... read more

Towards improved sustainability of palm oil – Can organic certification boost positive environmental and social impact of palm oil?


Palm oil production has more than doubled over the past ten years. Today, palm oil is the most used plant-based oil worldwide. Thanks to the high-yielding oil palms,... read more

European organic market grew to more than 37 billion euros in 2017


The organic market in Europe continues to grow. In 2017, it increased by almost 11 percent and reached 37.3 billion euros. Many of the major markets enjoyed double-digit... read more

Global organic area reaches another all-time high – Nearly 70 million hectares of farmland are organic


The latest global data on organic farming worldwide will be presented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International at... read more