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Media archive 2012

Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ) honours Swiss agricultural scientist Urs Niggli


(Frick, November 16, 2012) The University of Life Sciences (EMÜ) in Tartu, Estonia, is a leading university in the Baltic region. It trains academics and engineers in... read more

Organic farming enhances soil carbon


“Organic agriculture provides environmental benefits through the sequestration of atmospheric carbon in soil organic matter”, says a group of international experts... read more

Organic Market Development in Ukraine


On June 26, an official launch of the Swiss project “Organic Market Development in Ukraine” took place in Kyiv at the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Financed by... read more

Updating the knowledge base on organic food quality and processing


Research project surveys the current state of knowledge on all aspects of organic food quality and processing, and highlights knowledge gaps. read more

Less concentrate feeding can be done!


For ethical and environmental reasons organic farmers are already limiting concentrate feeding to a maximum of 10% of ruminant rations. But are concentrate feeds really... read more

European project OrganicDataNetwork to improve organic market data


In most European countries, organic agriculture and the organic market have grown constantly for years. Key figures about the development of the organic sector are... read more

African Organic Agriculture Training Manual: Knowledge shall help make farmers more fit for business


Switzerland’s Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) today presents its African Organic Agriculture Training Manual at the event “Unleashing Africa's Organic... read more

Organic agriculture worldwide: Market growing, agricultural land remains steady


FiBL and IFOAM are presenting the latest data on organic agriculture worldwide at BioFach in Nuremburg. read more

Research & development focus on soya bean processing


The interdisciplinary soya bean research project began its work a year ago. The research team is comprised of scientists, researchers and processing experts who share a... read more

Integrating reduced tillage and green manures in organic cropping - New European research project has started


Recently the new European project “Reduced tillage and green manures for sustainable cropping systems” (TILMAN-ORG) has started. Over three years, eleven European... read more