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Media archive 2011

Import of Bio Suisse certified oats from Ukraine


In December, the first Bio Suisse certified oats were successfully imported from Ukraine. The collaboration between the Swiss importer, the Ukrainian farm and the... read more

African Organic Agriculture Training Manual: Implementation in Africa begins


Switzerland’s Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) today presents its African Organic Agriculture Training Manual at the International Conference on... read more

Helping smallholders farm sustainably


Swiss institute presents a training manual for Africa  read more

GM cotton seeds a threat to Indian farmers


Extensive use of genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds is destroying agricultural bio-diversity and jeopardising the livelihood of over four million cotton growers in... read more

Successfully importing organic products to Europe


The potential of the organic market is huge. To operate successfully in importing organic products to Switzerland and the European Union, it is crucial to have accurate... read more

Global organic area: Continued growth


Thirty-seven million hectares of agricultural land worldwide are farmed organically. The countries with the largest area of organic agricultural land are Australia,... read more