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Media release October 22, 2007

New alternative to antibiotics for fireblight control

At the ABIM-Lucerne Conference, the prime international meeting of the biocontrol industry, a southern German biocontrol company presented a natural antagonist for the dreaded fireblight. It is an alternative to the controversial antibiotic streptomycin.


The 2nd Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting in Lucerne (ABIM-Lucerne Conference) witnessed the presentation of a natural antagonist of fireblight. It is a fungal preparation (Aureobasidium pullulans). In Germany, the new product, «Blossom-Protect» produced by the company «Bio-Protect», was found to be highly effective against fireblight and considerably more environmentally friendly than the controversial antibiotic streptomycin. «Bio-Protect», based in the Lake Constance region, is characteristic of a rapidly growing industry, developing innovative and ecologically sound, organic alternatives to synthetic pesticides.

The biological pest and disease control industry held its second meeting in Lucerne. Plant protection with natural and biological systems allows for the sustainable production of healthy foods while refraining from the use of chemical pesticides. The biocontrol industry is based on many years of research and development.

In cooperation with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association IBMA, the umbrella association of the biocontrol industry, held its 2nd Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting on 22–23 October at the KKL Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne. More than 300 participants from all over the globe exchanged experience and obtained information on the latest products and developments on the world market.

Questions concerning the licensing of biocontrol products were discussed and the US, South-East Asian, Indian and European markets analysed.

ABIM-Lucerne is sponsored by EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel (DG-Agri), the EU Enterprise Commissioner (DG-Enterprise), the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) and the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) as well as by the city of Lucerne.

Further information

Lucius Tamm
Head of Phytopathology Division, FiBL Frick, Tel. +41 (0)79 7552872

Bernard J. Blum, Vice-president IBMA, Tel. +41 (0)76 434 01 09


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