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Projects of FiBL Switzerland

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Status FiBL Title Start End
completed CH Alternative pig breeds for organic farms 01.04.2014 01.04.2015
ongoing CH Parasite diagnosis in cattle 05.03.2014 not defined
completed CH Robust planting material from seeds to young plants - an implementation oriented chain approach (COST Bioseedling) 01.03.2014 28.02.2016
completed CH Aromatherapie zur Kontrolle von inneren Parasiten bei der Ziege 01.02.2014 31.12.2014
ongoing CH Information and learning material for organic beekeeping in Switzerland 01.02.2014 not defined
completed CH The Role of Urban Agriculture for a Sustainable Urban Food System (Ernährungssystem Basel, Urban Agriculture Basel) 01.02.2014 29.02.2016
completed CH Packaging materials: Plasticisers from gaskets in screw caps 01.01.2014 31.12.2015
completed CH Detergents and disinfectants 01.01.2014 31.12.2015
completed CH Sustainability in gastronomy 01.01.2014 31.12.2015
ongoing CH Packaging materials: Bio-based plastics 01.01.2014 not defined
ongoing CH Breeding research on anthracnose tolerance and intercropping of lupin 01.01.2014 31.12.2023
completed CH Insect-based feed and fertilizer production via waste transformation for small-holders in Ghana (IBFFP) 01.01.2014 31.12.2017
ongoing CH Zellfusionsfreie Sorten im Bio-Gemüseanbau: Züchtungsmethoden und Marktversorgung im Biogemüsebau 01.01.2014 31.12.2022
completed CH Entwicklungskonzept 2020 Landwirtschaft Basel-Stadt 01.01.2014 01.10.2014
completed CH Ensuring the integrity of the European food chain (FOODINTEGRITY) 01.01.2014 31.12.2018
completed CH Sainfoin – a valuable forage plant for the Swiss agricultural environment 01.01.2014 31.12.2017
completed CH Extensively fattening the laying hens' brothers instead of killing them as chicks 01.01.2014 31.12.2016
completed CH Legumes and seaweed as alternative protein sources for sheep 01.01.2014 31.12.2017
completed CH Processing the latest research findings on organic farming 01.01.2014 31.12.2014
ongoing CH Ram pasture 01.01.2014 not defined
completed CH RISE: a new method to improve the sustainability of Swiss farms (RISE-CH) 01.01.2014 31.12.2015
completed CH Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems Plus (CORE Organic Plus) 01.01.2014 31.12.2018
completed CH Biological control manufacturers in Europe develop novel biological control products to support the implementation of Integrated Pest Management in agriculture and forestry (BIOCOMES) 01.12.2013 30.11.2017
completed CH Potential of Sustainable Land-Use Systems to Promote Adaptation to Climate Change 01.12.2013 31.05.2017
completed CH Impact of Research on EU Agriculture (IMPRESA) 01.11.2013 31.12.2016

Total datasets : 727