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Organic Eprints

Publications of the FiBL Departement of International Cooperation at the Organic Eprints Archive

Market Development

  • The Organic Market in Europe by Lukas Kilcher, Helga Willer, Beate Huber, Claudia Frieden, Res Schmutz, Otto Schmid Details in FiBL-Shop
  • The World of Organic Agriculture by Helga Willer and Lukas Kilcher (Eds.) Details in FiBL-Shop 
  • Organic Cocoa, Coffee and Tea: Market, certification and production information for producers and international trading companies by FiBL, Naturland and SIPPO, published by SIPPO Details in FiBL-Shop
  • The European Market for Tropical Organic Products
    Several broshures (Spanish), published by FiBL in Cooperation with Eco Mercados and SECO, covering issues like FairTrade, sugar, bananas, cocoa, pineapple, mango.
  • Directorio de importadores y distribuidores de productos orgánicos y comercio equitativo von FiBL, CIMS (Eds.), Orderingnumber: 1420, 2005, 204p.
  • El Mercado Europeo de Productos Orgánicos de Comercio Justo von Salvador Garibay, Toralf Richter, Bestellnr. 1422, 2005, 48p.

Training Manuals

The IFOAM Training Manual for Organic Agriculture are availaible for various climatic regions (e.g. Humid Tropics / Arid and Semiarid Tropics) in English, Spanish and French Details in FiBL-Shop

Technical Leaflets

Technical Leaflets for Tunisia (French)

Organic Cotton