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From scientific study to field guidance

FiBL produces various series of publications designed for specific target audiences. These range from scientific studies to technical guides for farmers and extension workers. FiBL-Verlag, the FiBL publishing house, currently offers more than 500 publications in several languages. New topics are being added continuously. All publications are available for download free of charge from the FiBL-Shop, print versions can be ordered.

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FiBL Technical Guides

FiBL’s Technical Guides offer empirically grounded recommendations on all aspects of organic farming and species-appropriate livestock management, compiled by experienced specialists in research, extension and practice. Many of the Technical Guides are produced in a process of international cooperation with other research establishments and extension services. Some of them are available in several languages. The bound Technical Guides are illustrated in colour throughout.

    FiBL Dossiers and Fact Sheets

    FiBL’s Dossiers provide comprehensive information about cross-cutting issues relevant to organic farming and sustainability. The Fact Sheets give concise, readily understandable presentations of the state of knowledge about an issue, based on the latest science. Both types of publication are valuable aids when debating a specific issue.A selection of the Dossiers and Fact Sheets published to date:

    FiBL Manuals and Folders

    FiBL’s Manuals and Folders assemble the technical knowledge about an issue area for the purposes of organic farming practice.

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    FiBL information provision on CD-ROM

    FiBL is providing some of its information on CD-ROM.

    A selection of the CD-ROMs published to date:

    FiBL Studies

    FiBL’s Study series is used to publish selected scientific works. It mainly addresses researchers and practitioners interested in detailled research findings.